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I needed some filler for the left side of the main screen, so I figured I'd throw in a Links page. These are basically all the pages I visit on a daily basis. You're probably familiar with some, but hopefully there's a few here unknown to you.

IMDb - Well, I don't think this requires an explanation. A must.

Yahoo Entertainment News - Check out all the daily headlines from the entertainment world. Wondering if The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfieffer is coming back to TV? This place'd tell you first!

Dark Horizons - This site is a must for those interested in movie rumours and gossip, as is...

Ain't it Cool - Harry Knowles may resemble a goateed kumquat, but his site is always interesting and informative.

Cavalcade of Schlock - If you've ever had a passing interest in movies like Gates of Hell or Black Christmas, this site is for you. Brian's reviews are always entertaining and usually funny as hell.

DVDFile - If you're like me, you're a little obsessed with DVDs. This site'll give you the latest info on what's coming to DVD and reviews, too. Curse the folks at Fox for not releasing The Vanishing or Kiss of Death...

eBay - Yeah, eBay. How else am I going to procure a copy of Shocker on DVD?